08 March 2023

The devastating major floods of October 2022 are subject to a parliamentary inquiry, which is calling for public submissions.

Member for Ripon Martha Haylett today encouraged local community groups and individuals to participate in the inquiry.

The Legislative Council Environment and Planning Committee will investigate the state’s preparedness for and response to the disaster.

The inquiry will investigate the flood event as a whole and the areas affected and will consider what caused or contributed to the flooding and the adequacy and effectiveness of early warning systems.

Emergency services, government policy, flood mitigation strategies, the Flemington Racecourse flood wall and the Victorian Planning Framework will also be key to the inquiry.

The Committee is accepting written submissions until 8 May 2023 and intends to hold public hearings in flood-affected regions.

For the full terms of reference and other information go to the flood inquiry website: https://new.parliament.vic.gov.au/floodinquiry


Quotes attributable to Member for Ripon Martha Haylett


Communities like Newbridge, Bridgewater and Lexton were devastated by the October 2022 floods, and it is important that the causes of this event are investigated.”


“I have met with so many of the communities affected by last year’s floods and their feedback is that we need better flood mitigation strategies.”


"Rural and regional communities have been strong and resilient in the face of another devastating flood and I am proud to be by their side on the road to recovery.”