Constituency Question - Big Housing Build

07 February 2024

Martha HAYLETT (Ripon) (14:56): (481)

My question is for the Minister for Housing in the other place. Minister, can you provide me with an update on the rollout of the Big Housing Build and housing statement in the Ripon electorate?

As we all know, housing affordability is the top issue across our state. I cannot go anywhere in my electorate without the topic coming up.

In Dunolly, Beaufort and Wedderburn locals are crying out for affordable housing for older residents. In Ararat and St Arnaud our big employers are desperate for key worker housing. In Maryborough and Miners Rest residents need more secure rentals and social housing, and around our lakes and parks dozens are sleeping rough.

Delivering more housing in these communities will be a game changer, especially through the $1 billion Regional Housing Fund. It will create jobs and economic opportunity for our region and help those in need to find a place to call home.

So many are excited to see more homes delivered across Ripon, and I look forward to providing them with the minister’s update.